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Toledo Area Jobs with Justice & Interfaith Worker Justice Coalition
  • Upcoming Events
    Monthly Meeting
    Nov 26, 2018
    Monroe Street United Methodist Church 3613 Monroe St. Toledo, OH 43606
    Holiday "Social" Gathering
    Dec 01, 2018
    Bob & Basia's House 7150 Seaman Rd Oregon, OH 43616
    Monthly Meeting
    Dec 24, 2018
    Monroe Street United Methodist Church 3613 Monroe St. Toledo, OH 43606
    Monthly Meeting
    Jan 28, 2019
    Monroe Street United Methodist Church 3613 Monroe St. Toledo, OH 43606
    "Social" Gathering
    Feb 13, 2019
    Wesley's Bar & Grill 12th & Adams St
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  • Proposals for Jobs with Justice Action

    Guidelines for Developing, Evaluating and Implementing Proposals


    1. How will the proposed action further the JwJ Mission Statement?
    2. What is the organization asking Jobs with Justice to do? (e.g. endorsement, turnout, logistics, media, announcement, etc.) Please Note:  JwJ does not make financial contributions to member organizations
    3. The specifics of the action: Who, What, Where, When and the contact information of the Action Coordinator.
    4. What is the proposing organization’s plan for turnout? (Groups are expected to mobilize their members for the event.)
    5. How will the proposed action help to build unity among various labor, community and religious organizations?
    6. How will the proposing organization help to build the Toledo Area Jobs with Justice (JwJ) chapter?


    Requests for JwJ participation and/or support should be submitted by fax or e-mail one week prior to the monthly Steering Committee meeting. The above criteria should be applied by the individual or organization making the request. Provided the request meets this threshold, it may be place on the agenda of the monthly Steering Committee meeting with a recommendation. Agreement by consensus of the Steering Committee on how to participate in the proposed action and at what level will be decided at the monthly meeting.

    Late requests may be considered on an emergency basis.

    In the event of an emergency request for action, a proposing organization should contact a member of the Executive Committee who will contact the other members to determine how to proceed.

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